Classically trained flutist, singer and songwriter Suki Rae has been performing in the international circuit for over 25 years.  Over the span of these years, she won many awards, has acted, written and directed in theater and film, as well as going on to having performed in venues that range from Alice Tully Hall to the Jerusalem Womens’ Music Festival.

With seven recordings under her belt (six of original music) all of which were released on Reverence for Life Records, Rae continues to produce the type of music that people can revel in.  Filled with an incandescent light and moving harmonies, Rae’s sound contains a hodge-podge of cadences from gospel to blues, spiritual, and world music genres.

On Rae’s latest release, entitled, Can’t Stop Nowthe artist’s moving themes on social consciousness, awareness and the Divine continue on this record.

Backed by Steve Bloom (guitar), Kennan Keating (guitar), KJ Jacobs (bass), Barry Kornhauser (cello), Andrey Golodukhin (drums), and Chris Howard (percussions), Rae with the help of the vocals of Ayana Lowe, Andru Cann, Sumati Bates, Benita Charles, and Greg Cross, handles the flute, keyboards, songwriting, as well as vocals.


With Can’t Stop Now, Suki Rae and Company proves they are unstoppable.  Dressed in exciting harmonies and warm undertones, Rae’s latest record contains a bright, sunny sound that is unmatched in gospel music today.

Bask in the warmth of Rae’s spiritual music that promises peace and love anthems in the feel-good variety.  Revving with uplifting and good energy, Rae brings to us a huge spirited revival.  These songs of praise will heighten the spiritual experience, giving listeners an occasion to celebrate.

Rae really showcases her gift on the flute and songwriting.  With lyrics filled with euphoria and joyous vocals, Can’t Stop Now really sings with the spirited sounds coming from the flute.

Can’t Stop Now functions more as a cause for rejoicing than just simply as a gospel release.  The 10-track compilation is a huge spiritual revival, filled with uplifting songs that are a distinctive healthy melding of blues, folk and gospel.